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Article by Jay Bhongale


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Books Chapter

  • Chapter in the name of, “Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Constitutional Morality” in the book of Indian Democracy (Theory & Practice).ISBN – 978-93-91305-86-4, printed by Aadhar Publications.
  • The chapter named “Reality of Justice for Atrocities on Schedule Cast and Schedule Tribes under Indian Constitution” in “Constitutional Values in Contemporary Indian Politics”,ISBN:9789390672875
    Year: 2022.


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  • Minor research project as a Principal Investigator granted by the Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be) University, Pune named, in August 2021.

Articles by jyoti


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Chapters in book

Published a chapter on “Judicial activism of Supreme Court of India and its role in preservation and protection of wildlife” in book changing perspective of animal laws. ISBN 978-93-92926-14-3, First edition. 20/01/2022.P.No 54-63.

  • Published a chapter on "Administrative relationship between centre and state in India: An overview" in a book Public policy and governance in India impact and development. ISBN -978-93-91669-73-7. May 2022.
  • Published a chapter on “Extending the Implementation of statutory Maternity Benefit to the Private Sector: A Critical Appraisal “in book Psycho Social. Nitya Publications Bhopal. First Edition 2021.ISBN: 978-93-90699-18-6.
  • Published a chapter on “Protection of women against discrimination and sexual harassment at work place in India: An overview “in book redefining Dalit women’s Empowerment: Socio- Economic and political realities in contemporary India. ISBN: 978-93-90238-68-2 date 28/1/2021