Areas of Research:

The department has fluorinated into a full-fledged nationally known research centre in herbal drugs.

Plant tissue culture laboratory is the recent additional facility of the department. Using the facilities research work to preserve the mother culture of endangered species is carried out.

Moreover, DNA finger printing of the plants for authentication is planned by the department. Development of this technique will be valuable in exploring hitherto unknown species. Gums are used to suspend insoluble drugs in the formulation. Department is also engaged in exploring the pharmaceutical profile of selected seaweeds, flora and fauna available on Indian coasts. Reliance Industries sanctioned a project on “Collection and isolation of microalgae for biodiesel and value added products”.

The faculty are engaged in research and working on various research projects funded by DST, UGC, DBT, AICTE, BRNS and pharmaceutical industries. The department has received research grant of more than Rs 2 crores. Recently, Department of Science and Technology, Science and Engineering Research Board (DST-SERB) has recognized our lab for post-doctoral research on “Screening Antibacterial Properties of Diatoms (Bacillariophyta) against Multi-Drug Resistance Bacterial Pathogens” and sanctioned and sanctioned Rs. 19, 20,000/-.

Based on the concept preclinical evaluation of many formulations for their antiarthritic, antiacne, immunomodulatory, wound healing activities have been carried out. Classical Pharmacognostic and Phytochemical methods are used for standardization of herbal preparations.