The library in any organization plays a very crucial role in the academic enhancement of the institution. In this rapidly changing information technology environment certain skills are required to cater to the diversified information needs of the users and to efficiently manage the library these personnel (staff).

The library and information curriculum are entrusted to this task for empowering the upcoming generation with this relevant knowledge. Thus, the role of library and information science departments is also vital. Started in 1978 along with the establishment of the college, the library works as an important central support system for the entire college.

It caters to the information needs of Arts, Science and Commerce disciplines and serves as a knowledge center for Junior, Senior, Post Graduate as well as Research Centers of all the Departments in the College.The Bachelor of Library and Information Science and Master of Library and Information Science programmes were started in 2018.

To develop the overall personality of the students this department organizes several co-curriculum and extracurricular activities in which the students are encouraged to participate. Guest lectures by eminent personalities in the field are frequently organized for their academic enrichment.

Objectives of the Library

The objectives of the library are:

  • To cater to the Curricular, Intellectual, and Creative Information needs of teachers and students by providing open access to the latest and relevant information sources available in the library.
  • To inculcate Reading Habits amongst students by conducting book exhibitions in the college.
  • To organize Information Literacy Programme helping the students to use the library effectively.
  • To act as a facilitator in interlibrary loan service by collaborating with different libraries.

Special Features of the Library

The college library offers some special features to the students to make the facility more accessible and easy to use. Some of the features are listed below.

  • Computerized Library
  • Book issuing as per Barcode System
  • Reading room
  • Special Services to other books, Competitive and NET/SET Examinations
  • Internet and OPAC facility
  • Web OPAC
  • Bound volumes of periodicals and Journals available in the Library
  • Newspaper cutting of the college News
  • Rare Book Collection
  • Classification of all books as per Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme (DDC)
  • Special Book Collection
  • User Tracking System for Library Attendance
  • Library Portal
  • C.C.T.V Camera
  • Wi-Fi and Power backup facilities

Library Committee

Along with the library staff, a committee has been set up by the college authorities to ensure that the library is run smoothly.

S. No. Name of the Committee Member Designation
1 Shri. S.S.Mohite Chairman
2 Prof. R.S.Zirange Member
3 Prof. Dr. S.G.Pawar --do--
4 Mrs. R.S.Chavan --do--
5 Dr. S.S.Shukla --do--
6 Mrs. M.M.Desale --do--
7 Shri. M.T.Latif --do--
8 Dr. Mrs. S.M.Lawate --do--
9 Shri. A.V.Koli --do--
10 Dr. M.L.Jalgade Member Secretary

Library Staff

The dedicated library staff include the following personnel:

S. No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. Mohan Laxman Jalgade Librarian M.Lib & I.Sc. Ph.D.
2 Mr. Rajesh Narayan Sutar Library Attendant S.S.C.
3 Mr. Bapuji Sadashiv Pawar Library Attendant B.A.

Library Collection

The library has a rich and extensive collection of books, non-book materials, newspapers and journals/periodicals that the students can access anytime during operational hours.

S.No. Department Opening Balance Add during the year Less during the year Closing Balance
1 Senior College 15741 546 - 16287
2 UGC Vocational Course : Industrial Chemistry, Industrial Microbiology, Office Management 829 - - 829
3 Senior College UGC 9324 - - 9324
4 M.Sc. Chemistry/ Microbiology 1244 23 - 1267
5 M.Sc. Physics 227 - - 227
6 M.Com 1031 - - 1031
7 M.COM. UGC. 2194 - - 2194
8 MSc. Chemistry UGC 1092 - - 1092
9 Library Information Science 383 - - 383
10 Computer Science 2513 - - 2513
11 MSc. Microbiology UGC 217 - - 217
12 UGC Merged Scheme 508 - - 508
13 UGC Remedial Coaching for SC/ST/OBC & Minorities 674 - - 674
14 UGC Coaching for NET for SC/ST/OBC & Minorities 407 - - 407
15 UGC Scheme for Coaching for Class for Entry in Services for SC/ST/OBC & Minorities 497 - - 497
16 UGC MRP 1279 - - 1279
17 UGC Scheme for Career Oriented Course 599 - - 599
18 General Knowledge 73 - - 73
19 DST First-2018 Scheme 64 - - 64
20 Donated Books 1468 - - 1468
21 Total 40364 569 - 40933
Non-Book Materials
Sr. No. Non-Book Materials total
1 C.D.'s 377
2 VCR Cassettes 11
3 News Papers 18
4 Periodicals Bound Volume 51
5 Thesis 197
  • The Times of India
  • The Indian Express
  • The Economic Times
  • Kesari
  • Loksatta
  • Lokmat
  • Maharashtra Times
  • Prabhat
  • Sakal
  • Pudhari
  • Nava Kal Sakal times
Sr. No. National Journals International Journals Magazine Total
1 16 02 06 24
Sr. No. Name of Journal & Periodical Cost of Rs.
1 Indian Journal of Chemistry Section-A 4600
2 Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics 3200
3 Indian Journal of Chemical Technology 1600
4 Indian Journal of Biotechnology 1200
5 Indian Journal of Natural Product and Resources 1200
6 Journal of Scientific Temper 1000
7 Annals of Library & Information Studies 1200
8 Bhartiya Vaigyanic Evam Audhygik Anusandhan Patrika (Hindi) 400
9 CSIR News 500
10 Science Reporter (English Monthly) 810
11 Current Science Journal 2550
12 Economic Challenger A Quarterly Journal of Economics, Commerce & Management 2000
13 The Microfinance Review 1000
14 The Journal of Accounting and Finance 2500
15 Lalit 450
16 University News 1260
17 Yashaswi Udyojak 700
18 Shikshan Sankraman 300
19 Vicharbharati 5000
20 Arthsavad 670
21 Everyman's Science 500
22 Bulletin of Indian Association of Physics Teachers 300
23 Outlook Magazine 2499
24 Outlook Business Magazine 999

Library Facilities

Students can access different library facilities that will provide support to their academics and other research activities.

  • Earn and Learn Scheme
  • Book Bank Scheme
  • Inter Library Loan
  • Newspaper Clippings
  • Home Lending
  • Reprographic / Printing
  • Internet Facility
  • Web OPAC Facility
  • Competitive Exam Reading Facility
  • College Magazine
  • Display New Arrival books
  • Display Articles, Research Paper & Advertisement of U.P.S.C/ M.P.S.C. Exam on the Notice Board

Library Services

  • Home Lending
  • Reservation of Documents
  • Inter Library Loan
  • Assistance in the Use of Library and Library Tools
  • Reference Service
  • Literature Search
  • Referral Service
  • Earn and Learn Scheme
  • Book Bank Scheme
  • Book Exhibition
  • Library workshop
  • Book Fair
  • Vachan Perana Din
  • Competitive Exam Reading Material
  • Library Orientation Programme

Library Rules

Working Hours
Monday to Saturday

09.00 am to 06.00 pm

Issue of Books

09.30 am to 04.00 pm

Reading Hall

09.30 am to 06.00 pm

Membership Eligibility

  • Individual Members: Faculty Staff and Students of the college
  • Corporate Members: Academic Institution and Other Organizations
  • Outside Members: Alumni of College, Retired Faculty of college
  • Special Members: Visiting Faculty

Identity Card

  • Identity Card must be presented on demand
  • This card is not transferable
  • Members are responsible for the books borrowed against their Identity Card / Borrow Cards.

Circulation of Study Material

  • All books / journals / CDs must be returned on or before the due date.
  • Book will be renewed only if there is no demand from other members.
  • Books should be presented physically at the counter for renewal.
  • Late fee fine will be charged Rs.1/- per book per day.
  • Single copy of any publication is not issued on long term.
  • The CDs/DVDs/Cassettes borrowed must be returned on the due date and if necessary get renewed.
  • Members are requested to check the condition of the reading material before getting issued.
  • Members are requested to collect the receipts for the overdue charges paid by them.
  • Member is requested to collect the receipt for each transaction.
  • After check in or check out, members are requested to check the system for correct transactions.


  • Only one reservation per member per book is allowed per day.
  • Member can reserve the book through online reservation system. Intimation of reserved books is sent to the members through phone / mail.
  • The reserved book must be collected within 7 days of the date of intimation, failing which the reservation is deemed to be cancelled and book may be issued to next member.
  • Reservation slip is available at counter and slip can be submitted only during the working hours.

Loss of Books

  • Loss of any book / reading material borrowed must be reported immediately to the library counter.
  • All members must replace the book if it is lost with the latest edition along with overdue charges if any.
  • However, in the case of library members, if they are not able to replace the book, they are required to pay two times the latest price of the book / reading material and processing charges of Rs. 100 + overdue charges, if any.

Procurement of Books / Reading Materials

Suggestions for the procurement of books are welcomed from the faculty / departments in the prescribed forms in the month of June / July every year.

Inter Library Loan or Document Delivery Service

Efforts are made to obtain documents from other libraries which are not available in the central library.

Book Bank Facility

By notification students are informed to apply to avail the Book Bank facility in month of June. Students belonging to weaker section, sportsmen as recommended by the library committee are registered as members of Book Bank Scheme. The entire sets of books are issued to them for the year free of cost.

Earn and Learn Scheme

Committee formed for Earn and Learn Scheme recommends students from weaker section. These students are involved in routine Library activities and are paid remuneration for the same.

No Dues Certificate

The members are required to surrender their IDs / Smart Cards / Borrow Cards along with the books and also to fill up the prescribed clearance form available at college office as and when they need no dues certificate from the Library.

Suggestion and Complaints

Suggestion Box is kept in the library for suggestions and complaints from members, if any.

General Rules

  • Readers are required to deposit their bags / belongings at the counter before entering the library.
  • Members should produce their smart card / ID cards to the library staff as and when asked for.
  • Pin drop silence must be observed within the library.
  • Please do not underline, fold and tear the page of books / reading material.
  • After use the reading material readers are requested not to put the books on the shelves.
  • Personal belongings / books / study material except for return are not permitted to be brought inside the library.
  • Newly added books / study material will be displayed for 15 days in the entrance lobby during the 1st week of every month.
  • Necessary action will be taken by the Principal / Library Committee against the users who are found misusing the services, facilities and collections etc.
  • Smoking, chewing tobacco and spitting is strictly prohibited.
  • Care Of Library Material: Library reading materials are costly and often – They are for the benefit of not only the present but also future members of the library. Therefore, one should not write upon, damage, turn down the leaves or mark on any library reading materials. No tracing or copying or any journals and thesis are allowed in the library.

Library Events

2021-22 Celebration of Librarians Day on the birth anniversary of Father of Library Science in India, Hon’ble Dr. S. R. Ranganathan was held on 12th August 2021:

Department of Library and Information Center, Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) Yashwantrao Mohite College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Pune organized an online programme to celebrate Librarians Day on the birth anniversary of the Father of Library Science in India, Hon’ble Dr. S. R. Ranganathan. The programme was held on 12th August 2021.

Mr. Arvind Patkar Publisher, Manovikas Publication, Pune was invited as Chief Guest for the programme and Professor Dr. N. B. Dahibhate, Ex. Information Scientist at NCL, Pune as a Guest Speaker for the programme. The programme was chaired by In-charge Principal, Prof. (Dr.) V. A. Rankhambe.

Chief Guest Mr. Arvind Patkar highlighted the importance of libraries and librarians in society even in the 21st Century - the era of digitization.

Guest Speaker Dr. N. B. Dahibhate discussed the five pillars of library science explained by Dr. S. R. Ranganathan.

Dr. V. A. Rankhambe, In-charge Principal in his welcome speech highlighted the achievements of the college under the aegis of Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University).

Dr. Mohan Jalgade, Librarian and Head of Library Science Dept threw light on the life journey of Dr. S. R. Ranganathan and looked after overall co-ordination of the program. Dr. S. S. Patil and Ms. Mayuri Desle has handled the responsibility of programme anchoring and Mrs. Asharani Patil has expressed vote of thanks at the end of the programme. Dr. P. T. Patil had taken care of technical aspects of the programme.