Department of Microbiology


We are committed to building an intense research culture and inculcating innovative ideas in students by involving them in various research projects. We conduct a 'Research Methodology Workshop' to enhance the knowledge of the PG and Ph.D. students. Our research scholars receive methodology and statistical guidance from the Community medicine department.

Research Areas

There are 5 main Research Areas where the department focuses on:

  • Bacteriology
  • Mycology
  • Infectious serology and Molecular Microbiology
  • Infection control
  • Anti-microbial stewardship.


A total of 133 research papers of the faculty members of the Department of Microbiology have got published in national and international journals over the past few years. Currently, the department is involved in six ongoing projects. It has also collaborated with John Hopkins and CIPLA on two external-funded projects.

Faculty Publications National Publications International
Dr. Lahiri K.K. 8 3
Dr. Modak M.S. 8 9
Dr. Bhatawadekar S.M. 4 13
Dr. Dalal B.A. 4 6
Dr. Tolpadi A.G. 2 5
Dr. Thakar V. K. 6 2
Jadhavar S.R. 2 4
Dr. Mane A.K.   3
Dr. Suryawanshi K.S. 7 1
Dr. Eashwernath R. P. 2  
Sawant S.D.   1
Yadav L.S. 1