Department of Basic Science and Humanities


The Department has spacious and well equipped three labs.It also has well operational laboratories like Applied Chemistry, Nanophysics and Language and skill development laboratory

The Department has the following equipment's:

Sr. No. Name of  Equipment 
1. pH meter
2. Conductivity meter 
3. CRO Dual Trace 30 MHZ 
4. Digital PID Muffle Furnace 
5. Electronic Digital Balance 
6. e/m by Thomson’s Method 
7. He-Ne Laser
8. High Speed Research Centrifuge  
9. Interchangeable Rotor Head 
10. Magnetic Stirrer  
11. Newton’s Ring Apparatus 
12. Nitrogen Gas Cylinder  
13. pH Meter 
14. Spectrometer 
15. Ultrasonic Interferometer 
16. Ultrasonic water Bath 
Engineering Chemistry & Physical Chemistry Lab.
Engineering Physics Lab