Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

About Department

The Department of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering imparts high-quality education in the area of electronics and telecommunications with a special emphasis on technical knowledge under the guidance of experienced faculty members. The programme curriculum is completely industry-oriented and covers a wide range of topics.
Our Vision

To be a globally recognized department, offering quality training to prepare Electronics and Telecommunication engineers for technological and social development of the nation.

Our Mission

  • Imparting quality technical education with excellent infrastructure and well qualified faculty members to meet needs of profession and society.
  • To provide an environment to develop and nurture academic excellence through projects, assignments and skill development workshops.
  • To motivate and guide the students for research activities, higher education and entrepreneurship development.

The bright young minds of our department have performed exceptionally well in academics and have scored high marks in various courses offered by NPTEL Swayam. Our achievements are not just limited to our students’ success but our faculty members have also been awarded patents for their valuable inventions. We have also won a good number of consultancy projects from reputed organizations.