Department of Robotics & Automation Engineering


Robotics and automation are multi-disciplinary technologies that provide a platform to individual to learn the synergetic combination of electrical, electronics and mechanical engineering meet computer science, physics, and mathematics. Graduates of Robotics and Automation (R&A) course are highly specialized in software development, Logistics, Robotics Engineering, and coding programs. These new technologies are also being used in the sector, including Enterprises, Military and Defense organizations, or in a highly reputed Industries firm.

This field requires knowledge and training crossing the boundaries of established engineering disciplines. The Degree in Robotics and Automation provides a unique opportunity to students that want to take a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary background on robotics and automation structure. In contrast to discipline-specific programs, the R&A program is focusing on training the students on this cross-disciplinary field and gives the students a unique advantage to the market related to robotics and automation structure, at both industrial and academic level.

Hence, the career prospects in Robotics and Automation are flourishing and will continue to flourish in the upcoming times.

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue a Robotics and Automation degree in India is the student should have passed class 10+2 exam from any recognized board with a minimum percentile in the PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) as core subjects.

Lush green campus with round the clock accessible Wi-Fi, overhead projectors incorporated in every classroom for better teaching support. Thousands of books are accessible to students, with ease of access facility using Digital library.

With the world being on a forefront of Revolution 4.0 and IoT enabled technologies, a specialization in robotics & automation engineering is a boon. The engineers are going to have full visibility of operations which will allow them to be responsive towards minute details related to new technologies processes. The industry is going to require skilled employees leading to an increased number of jobs for R & A engineers.

Robotics and Automation Engineering is considered a high-end professional career in India. There are tremendous job opportunities awaiting a candidate who has professional training in Robotics engineering. A Robotic engineer can be employed in manufacturing plants, laboratories, medical fields, mining, automation sector, life sciences, aerospace engineering, agricultural engineering, etc. There is a great demand for robotic engineers in the gaming industry and manufacturing units as well. Due to advancement of new technology, this robotics technology is used in space exploration, power plant maintenance, automobile industry etc.

Plenty of job opportunities are available for robotics engineers both in India as well as in abroad countries. Candidates with B.Tech degree in R&A can seek job opportunities in DRDO, PSU’s, and space research organizations such as ISRO & NASA and also in various industries which manufacture microchips.

The Robotic engineer can take up the following job profiles after completing their graduation. They can get placed as robotics test engineers or automation system engineers, analysts, robot design engineers, Robotics system engineer, senior robotics specialist, robotics technicians, Robotics programmer, Aerospace robotics engineer, quality assurance technician, etc.

  • Use of LCD projectors, web cameras etc.
  • Usage of virtual laboratories in different courses
  • Online tests and evaluation; feedback system etc.