Department of Computer Engineering


Manisha Mayur Kasar
Dr. Manisha Mayur KasarAssistant Professor

Department of Computer Engineering

Experience 9 Years

Ph.D (IT), M.Tech(comp.)

9 Years

  • Manisha M. Kasar, S.H. Pati, “Comparative Analysis of Facial Emotion Recognition Techniques”, International Conference on Recent Challenges in Engineering Science and Technology, 09th - 10th April, 2021 – Andhra Pradesh, India, pp. 67-74.
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  • International Journal 7
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Interational Journal

  • Manisha M. Kasar, S.H. Patil, Debnath Bhattacharya, “Face Feature point detection using hybrid method”, Journal of Critical Review, Volume 7, Issue 15, 2020, pp. 369-378
  • Manisha M. Kasar, S.H. Patil, “Study and Analysis of Facial Landmark Detection Techniques”, Solid State Technology, Volume 63, Issue 6, 2020, pp.13465-13481.
  • Manisha M. Kasar, S.H. Patil, Debnath Bhattacharyya and Jason Levy, “Face Detection Techniques Using Database Images”, International Journal of Control and Automation, Volume 12, Number 6, 2019, pp.17-34.
  • Manisha M. Kasar, Debnath Bhattacharyya and Tai-hoon Kim, “Face Recognition Using Neural Network: A Review”, is publish in International Journal of Security and its Application, (Scopus Index).