Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering


Mrs. Pallavi S. Deshpande
Dr. Mrs. Pallavi S. DeshpandeAssociate Professor

Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Experience 20 years


PhD (Electronics Engineering)

  • Teaching 20 years
  • Industry 6 months
  • TEQIP III sponsored one week course in Machine Learning & Its Applications in march 2021
  • AICTE and ISTE Sponsored one week course in Mathematical Modelling in march 2021
  • AICTE approved one week course in digital skill development for professionals” in february 2021.
  • International Conference 23
  • National Conference 02
  • International Journal 01
  • National Journal 02


  • Panwar A. S, Deshpande P.S. “A Reliable and an Efficient Approach for Diagnosis of Brain Tumor Using Transfer Learning.” Biomedical Pharmacology Journal 2021;14(1). Available from:
  • S.R.Jondhale,P.S.Deshpande Improved trilateration for indoor localization :Neural network and centroid based approach International journal of Distributed sensor network 2021,vol17(10).
  • Deshpande P.S.,Chitode J.S., ”Spectral correlative mapping approach for Transformation of Expressivity in Marathi Speech” volume 8 issue 1 February 2018,International Review on communication, antenna and propagation.(IRECAP),Press Worthy Prize Publication.