Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering


Namita Shinde
Mrs. Namita ShindeAssistant Professor

Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering College of Engineering

Experience 6 Years


M.E.-VLSI & Embedded System, PhD Pursuing

  • Teaching 6 Years
  • Industry 0 Years
  • FDP on “Integral Transforms and Its Applications” organized by NITTR, Bhopal.
  • FDP on “Embedded system design” organized by BVUCOEP.
  • International Conference on “Computational Intelligence Applications”.
  • Workshop on ‘Programmable System on Chip’ at KKWIEER

Passed with Elite+Gold certificate in NPTEL course examination of course “Internet of Things” during Jan-Mar 2019

  • International Conference 9
  • International Journal 01
  • Namita Kalyan Shinde, Prof.S.S.Morade, “PCB Inspection System Using Image Processing” International Journal Of Science, Engineering And Technology Research (IISETR), Volume 4, Issue 4, April 2015
  • N.K.Shinde, Prof.S.S.Morade “PCB Defect Detection Using Image Processing” Fourth International Conference On Computational Intelligence Applications- 2015
  • Namita Shinde, Amresh Giri, Swati Rima, Parul Singh,” Alcohol Detection and Vehicle Engine Locking System”, International Journal Of Industrial Electronics And Electrical Engineering, ISSN(P): 2347-6982, Volume-6, Issue-3, Mar.-2018