Department of Information Technology


 Sonali D. Mali
Prof. Sonali D. MaliAssociate Professor

Department of Information Technology

Experience 20 Years


Completed NPTEL certification on Joy of computing using Python in 2019

Publications International Conference (s): 04 National Conference: 02
  • Mrs. Sonali R. Idate, Prof. S.H.Patil, “ MAFCOG 1.0 Generic Code Generator for Mathematical Functions” National Conference on Computing and Applications-NACCA-06, Kovilpatti, Tamilnadu
  • Deepali J. Joshi, Vanita S.Babanne ,Shubhada P.Deshmukh ,Sonali Idate, M.R.Dube, “Mapping Design Patterns to XML Schema for Pattern Matching”, International Journal of Computer Applications IJCA-2010
  • Mrs. Sonali Idate “Efficient Method for Detecting Inconsistencies in UML Design Model” 2nd International Conference on Current trends and challenges in Management , Engineering , computer Application and Technology -March 2013
  • Ms. Zeinab Raveshi , Mrs. S.R.Idate, “Efficient Method to Secure Web applications and Databases against SQL Injection Attacks” International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering , May 2013
  • Ms. Shweta Shandilya, Mrs. S.R.Idate, “Wi-fi Assistant Triangulation and navigation system for an Indoor environment”Advances in soft computing , E-Learning , information and communication Technology- ASEICT-2015 by Krishi Sanskriti