Campus Facilities



We offer comfortable and safe student accommodation within the campus premises to make our students feel at home. Our hostel facility is provided to students on a first come first serve basis. There are separate hostels for male and female students.

The boys’ hostel can accommodate 281 students and the girls’ hostel can accommodate 200 students. Each room is equipped with a cot, a chair, a table, a fan, a tube light, and a locker. The hostels are Wi-Fi enabled to help students to access the internet round the clock. We have formed a special team to ensure that discipline is maintained in the hostels.


Our canteen services are available on campus every day for students. The canteen serves tasty, nutritious, and high-quality food to help students get proper nourishment. It maintains cleanliness and proper hygiene standard.



Our on-campus gym equipped with state-of-the-art equipment like treadmills, cross trainers, and exercise bikes provides a great fitness experience at a very nominal rate. Special yoga sessions are also conducted in the gym on a regular basis to help students maintain a healthy body and mind.



We not only focus on academic activities but also extracurricular activities like sports. We have dedicated spaces within our campus for various sports activities where students can indulge in the sport of their choice.

Many of our sports enthusiasts have emerged with flying colors in several sports competitions at college, university, state, and national levels.


Police Station

There is a police station adjacent to our campus. It ensures the safety and security of students, faculty members, and staff members and maintains law and order in the vicinity of the campus.



The university has its own “Bharati Sahakari Bank”, which was established in 1971 by its founder Dr. Patangrao Kadam. The bank provides various facilities including an ATM facility and loan facility to the students and faculty members at a subsidiary rate. Because of the in-campus banking facility, students do not need to rush to a bank outside the campus for any banking-related work.