For the innovative individuals, the YashwantraoMohite College offers full support in registering and publishing their patents. Currently, there are a number of patents published by the talented faculty of the college.

Sr. No. Name of Inventors Title Date of filing and registration No Date of Award Status
1 Dr. Mrs. S.R. Gadale (Dagade) Process for the preparation of dihydroxydiphenylmethane. Dec. 2002 US Patent No. 6, 492, 566 Granted
2 Dr. Mrs. S.R. Gadale (Dagade) Hydroamination of Phenyl acetylene catalyzed by Cu/Mo/SiO2 mixed oxide catalysts 2012/MUM/2014   Examination completed
3 Dr. Mrs. S.R. Gadale Synthesis of lipase mediated metal nanoparticles as selective destaining detergents 201721019044, 31/05/2017 07/09/2021 Granted
4 Dr. Mrs. S.R. Gadale Conversion of carbon dioxide into fuel molecules by visible light drivenphotocatalysis over MOF supported bimetallic nanoparticles. Application No. 202121041199, date-14th September 2021   Published
5 Dr. Mrs. S.R. Gadale OrthoNitration of thymol using nano-crystalline La/Mo/SiO2 mixed oxide Application No. 202121043694  dated 27th September2021   Published
6 Dr. A.B.Pawar Automated Smoking Zone Monitoring & Direct Voice Altering to User 202131040003,  03/09/21   Published