Research Projects

During the academic years, the students of Yashwantrao Mohite College are expected to work on research projects that will help them to build their knowledge and contribute to the development of the field. The faculty also participate in the research projects.

SR.No. Ph. D. Research Scholar’s Name Declaration Research Guide Research Topic
1 Mr. Rajabhau Tukaram Bedre 08/08/2009 Dr. M. V. Mathkari The Dramatic Art of Girish Karnad: A Critical study.
2 Mr. Jahandideh Mohammad Hadi 03/03/2010 Dr. A. B. Patil Culture and Imperialism in the Novels of E.M. Forster and George Orwell: A Comparative Study.
3 Ms. Anahita A. Hajarian 07/02/2011 Dr. Nishamani Kar A Comparative Cultural Study of Women Characters in Selected Novels of D.H. Lawrence and Joseph Conrad.
4 Mr. Sampat Sitaram Wadekar 20/04/2011 Dr. M. V. Mathkari Perceiving India through the works of Shashi Tharoor
5 Mr. Ravindra G. Chavan 14/02/2012 Dr. P.A. Attar The Fiction of Mavis Gallant: A Postmodern perspective.
6 Ms. Rachana Saini 07/02/2013 Dr. Nishamani Kar Multiculturalism, Diasporic identification and cultural Hybridity in the works of V.S. Naipaul.
7 Ms. Azadeh Mehrpouyan 27/11/2013 Dr. M. V. Mathkari A Study of Feminism in the Works of Modern Women writers with special reference to the selected works of Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton.
8 Mr. Amit Kumar Paul 27/11/2013 Dr. Nishamani Kar Expounding Feminism in the Indian Subcontinent: A study of Taslima Nasrin.
9 Ms. Angela Sadeghi Tehrani 20/10/2014 Dr. P. F. Patil A Comparative Study of the Poems of Kamala Das and Forough Farrokhzad.
10 Mr. Pankaj Bhanudas Vaishnav 17/11/2014 Dr. R. S. Zirange Indian perspective in the travelogues of V.S. Naipaul: A critical study.
11 Ms. Aneela Malhotra 15/09/2015 Dr. V. A. Rankhambe A Comparative study of the aspects of existentialism in the novels of Anita Desai and Arun Joshi.
12 Mr. Sunil Shivajirao Kamble 05/11/2015 Dr. M. V. Mathkari Psycho-Analytical study of Man-Woman relationship with reference to D. H. Lawrence’s selected Novels.
13 Mr. Amir Taheri 05/11/2015 Dr. V. A. Rankhambe A Comparative Study of Anita Desai’s Selected Fiction and the Fiction of Selected Iranian Women Novelist
14 Mr. Vaibhav A. Dhamal 14/12/2016 Dr. R. S. Zirange Postmodernist Interpretations of the Novels of Maggie Gee
15 Meharaj Shaikh Pursuing Dr. R. S. Zirange A Study of Speech Acts in the Selected Novels of Amitav Ghosh
16 Ms. Safari NejadlangRoodi Mahnaz Mohammad 26/10/2017 Dr. R. S. Zirange A Study of Relation between Gender and Language Use in the Selected Novels of Shashi Deshpande
17 Ms. Poonam D. Patil 10/01/2018 Dr. V. A. Rankhambe Female Protagonists in the Novels of Anita Nair: A Feminist Perspective
18 Miss. Meena Sanahmadi 03/02/2018 Dr. R. S. Zirange A study of Self Identity, Cultural Conflict and Hybridity in the Selected Novels of Bharati Mukherjee: A Postcolonial Perspective
19 Sayantan Mondal 17/08/2018 Dr. R. S. Zirange Allegories in Imagined Spaces: A Study of Postcolonial Science Fiction
20 Ms. Sahelah Khairabadii 15/11/2021 Dr. R. S. Zirange The Role of Memory in Learning English Vocabulary Among EFL/ESL Learners
21 Hamid Reza Poudineh Pursuing Dr. R. S. Zirange Use of the Direct Method in Teaching English Grammar in Iranian and Indian Undergraduate Classes
22 Ms. Sahelah Khairabadii Pursuing Dr. R. S. Zirange Comparative Study of English Textbooks of VII, VIII, IX and X of Maharashtra Board and Iranian Schools
23 Ms. Sahelah Khairabadii Pursuing Dr. R. S. Zirange A Comparative Study of Implicatures in selected plays of Harold Pinter and Edward Albee.
24 Ms. Sahelah Khairabadii Pursuing Dr. R. S. Zirange Locating the dislocations in the Indian diasporic Novels
25 Ms. Sahelah Khairabadii Pursuing Dr. R. S. Zirange Cultural Ethos in Selected Partition Novels: Conventional and Digital Modes of Interpretation
26 Ms. Sahelah Khairabadii Pursuing Dr. R. S. Zirange Gyno-Critical Study of Select Muslim Women Novelists from SAARC Countries
27 Ms. Sahelah Khairabadii Pursuing Dr. V. A. Rankhambe An Eco-critical Perspective of Material Environments in Indian Novels in translation
28 Ms. Sahelah Khairabadii Pursuing Dr. V. A. Rankhambe Exploring Female Voices in the Contemporary Re-tellings of the Mahabharata: A Feminist study of Select Indian English novels
29 Ms. Sahelah Khairabadii Pursuing Dr. V. A. Rankhambe  
30 Ms. Sahelah Khairabadii Pursuing Dr. V. A. Rankhambe  

SR.No. Ph. D. Research Scholar’s Name Declaration Research Guide Research Topic
1 Sonavane Leena Jitendra March 2021 Dr.Mugade V.S. Impact of Social Media and Related Technologies on Librarianship
2 Alam Intekhab November, 2016 Dr.Mugade V.S. A Study on the Role of Librarianship in National Law University Libraries of India
3 Mohite Vishwas Mohan Sept., 2016 Dr.Mugade V.S. Study of Public Libraries in Maharashtra state with Reference to Resources and Services in District Libraries
4 Majeed Pangal Zuber Abdul July 2016 Dr.Mugade V.S. Use and Impact of Open Source Softwares (OSS) among selected academic and research Institute Libraries: A Critical Study of Indian Perspective
5 Suryawanshi Sachin Shahaji July 2015 Dr. Mugade V.S. Status of Library Services Provided by University Libraries using Different Current Technologies: An Analytical Study
6 Salunkhe Janardan Pandurang March 2015 Dr.Panage B.M. A Critical study of Allopathic Medical College Libraries in Maharashtra
7 Thorat Shivraj Vishvanath February 2015 Dr.Patil S.K. Design and Development of Institutional Repository: A Conceptual Model for University Libraries
8 Kulkarni Umesh Balkrishna June 2014 Dr.Mugade V.S. Use of Literature in Chemical Sciences and Allied Sciences for Educational and Research Purposes by Researchers from Different Educational and Research Institutes in and Around Pune City
9 Gokhale Seema Bhalchandra April 2014 Dr.Mugade V.S. Survey of the Standards in the Area of the Library and Information Science: A Comparative Study of ISO, IS, BS, ASTM, DIN, etc.
10 Jamdade Mohan Laxman February, 2012 Dr.Panage B.M. Development of Classification Scheme for Ayurveda
11 Pradhan, Pranita D. December 2011 Dr.Konnur M.B. Modernization of Libraries of Management Institutes in Pune City: A Survey
12 Kumbhar Krishna Pandharinath August 2010 Dr.M.B.Konnur Role of Libraries in Social Work Education in India : A Comparison with Developed Countries
13 Marzieh Tarahomi Oct.2009 Dr.Patil S.K. Impact of Use of IT and Internet on Information seeking behavior of the faculty memb4ers in various disciplines (Arts, Science, Engineering) Comparative study between Iran and India

SR.No. Ph. D. Research Scholar’s Name Declaration Research Guide Research Topic
1 Dr. Amol Mohan Patil 02/06/2020 Prof. Dr. Sunil GanpatraoPawar. Physiological Analysis of Tridaxprocumbens L. as a Medicinal Plant.
2 Miss Vanita Mohan Kamble On going Prof. Dr. Sunil GanpatraoPawar. Physiochemical Investigations of Selected Antiallergic Indigenous Plants.