Department of Civil Engineering


From the pyramids of Egypt to the exploration of space, civil engineers have always faced the challenges of the future - advancing civilization and improving our quality of life. Today, the world is undergoing vast changes – the technological revolution, population growth, environmental concerns and more all create unique challenges. The next decades will be the most creative, demanding and rewarding times for civil engineers and now is the best time to find out if civil engineering is the right career for you:

- Civil engineers today are designing methods and facilities to improve the quality of life in communities throughout Minnesota and the world.

- Civil engineers are problem-solvers. Whether it’s designing and improving roadways, replacing deteriorating bridges, easing traffic congestion, meeting energy needs, recovering from floods and earthquakes, redeveloping urban communities, or designing new light-rail lines, being an engineer means working to make things better.

- You will be a person who accomplishes things. Service to the community, its development and improvement, is basically what civil engineering is all about. The opportunity for creativity is unlimited.

- An engineer must be creative and have good problem-solving skills.

- Engineers must have a good understanding of mathematics and science, computers and new technology.

- Since engineering projects are typically done by teams, an engineer needs good communication skills and leadership qualities.

- Engineers must be aware of the environmental impact of their work as well as the needs and desires of the public.

- Finally, engineers need a good understanding of business practices, finance and management.