Department of Civil Engineering


Research Topics

We encourage our research scholars to conduct research in areas that would have a significant impact on society. The major research topics that we work on are:

  • Sediment transport and fluid mechanics related to non-uniform sediments, hydraulic design of spillways, and design of permeable spurs.
  • Structural Engineering: Studies of earthquake-resistant structures and composite materials, nano concrete, and bacterial concrete.
  • Geotechnical Engineering: Utilization of waste plastics in the road sub-base.
  • Environmental Engineering: Use of Moringa Olivera as a coagulant for treatment of potable water.


Our research scholars conduct cutting-edge research that would bring development in many areas and benefit society. Some of their research works have been published in reputed national and international journals.  The works of our faculty members have also got published in top journals. 

Sr.No Type of Publication No. of Publications
1 International Journal 52
2 National Journal 01
3 International Conference 02
4 National Conference 00
5 Total 55

Research Facilities

Our Civil Engineering department has a dedicated research laboratory. It is equipped with advanced instruments and devices and provides state-of-the-art facilities. We have received research grants for our in-house research projects to assist our scholars in transforming their ideas into reality. 

  • The Modernization of Environment Engineering laboratory has been granted Rs.6,00,000 under the MODROBS scheme to conduct research in the areas related to water quality management and air pollution control.
  • The Hydraulics Engineering Laboratory is equipped with tilting flume and wind tunnel facilities. 
  • The total research grants received from the academic year 2004-05 to 2016-17 is Rs.16.25 lakhs.

Expertise in Research and Consultancy

Our scholars have developed expertise in research and providing consultancies in various areas including:

  • Pump testing
  • Precision survey works
  • Analysis and Design
  • Concrete composites
  • Testing of concrete building materials
  • Air and Noise pollution
  • Hydraulic Modelling and Metals for Structures
  • Geological Investigation for Civil Engineering Structures
  • Water Quality