Department of Computer Science Engineering


This program leads to a Bachelors of Science in Engineering with a Major in Computer Science and Engineering.  As the program name implies, it combines the technical content of a Computer Science degree and a Computer Engineering degree in a single degree program.  The program curriculum is jointly taught by faculty from the Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science Departments.

The technical revolution fueled by the advent of the so-called smart technologies is fundamentally transforming society. From healthcare to transportation, smart technologies are revolutionizing everything as the world becomes increasingly connected via the Internet. A broad range of areas are expected to benefit from this area over the next few decades. As we experience an ongoing technological revolution, we need engineers who have experience with both software and hardware and who can create complex, intelligent systems. In consultation with our industrial advisory boards, we developed this program to produce graduates that can meet the current and future needs of business and industry.

With the CSE program, students can work in the broad range of career options available to graduates in computer engineering and computer science as well as software engineering, depending on the electives they choose. Graduates of CSE programs are particularly well prepared for careers in smart technologies, which is projected to drive the majority of technology-related jobs in the coming decades. The CSE curriculum was created in consultation with the college's and departments advisory boards to ensure that it meets the needs of area business and industry.


The course structure is built with the aim to impart certain knowledge and skillsets to the students and develop certain attitudes and behaviors among the students to make them successful in the era of Business 4.0. So any large-scale change is not expected. TCS will however review the course content with leading academicians and industry experts periodically and suggest changes as required. The college can only add/remove any topic(s) after discussion with TCS and after TCS’ approval. The conditions will be clearly spelt out in the MoU.

You will be able to create more industry ready and employable engineers who can drive innovation and add value to the organization they work for as well as to the nation in the era of Business 4.0. You will get support (listed in question number 1 above) from TCS in running this course. Success of the students coming out of this program will reflect positively on your college and will improve the ranking of your college  

Yes, as the course has been approved by AICTE, there are no restriction for pursuing any higher studies.  

Technical education is at crossroads today. The knowledge industry expects computer science graduates to know not only the core topics of Computer Science but also develop an inherent capacity for liberal arts, innovative mindset, life values and an appreciation of sustainability issues. Emerging topics such as Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, IoT, Analytics etc. need to become part of the curriculum to help students to be future-ready. The need of the age is ‘business engineers’, a breed of engineering talent tuned to the needs of Business 4.0. Apart from appreciating the technologies of the future, these graduates now need to understand the fundamental concepts of business management and have the ‘innovation’ mindset. TCS' designed CSBS Curriculum addresses the above-mentioned needs of current-age engineering education. 

The students graduating from the CSBS program will be industry and society ready. They will have the following knowledge / skill and attitude and will be in a position to make a meaningful contribution to the growth of the Indian economy:

  • Understanding of Contemporary Technology
  • Understanding of Technology Abstraction
  • Knowledge of Common Business Principles
  • Business Discipline and Service Orientation
  • Innovation Ability
  • Strong in Ethics and Life Values

Subjects on the latest technologies such as big data, design thinking and machine learning is offered in CSBS. Compared to syllabus of Computer Engineering.

This course is a blend of Computer Science and Management and covers many emerging topics in the field of computing. So TCS trust that students graduating from this course will have more demand in the market compared to conventional computer science course.

Introduction of management subjects in CSBS curriculum, will inculcate the learning and practise of project. The syllabus inculcates the attitude of research management, finance and HR policy making, strategy planning and execution introducing subjects like Operations Research.

TCS will offer internship and opportunity of working on live projects to selected students undergoing this program at TCS offices to make them industry ready

This course is a blend of Computer Science and Management and covers many emerging topics in the field of computing. So TCS trust that students graduating from this course will have more demand in the market compared to conventional computer science course

TCS provides internships based on the projects available at that time for a minimum period of 8 weeks. TCS will conduct an assessment test followed by interview for selecting the candidates for the internship. Only eligible candidates (as per TCS Eligibility criteria) will be able to apply for this Internship program. These internships may or may not be with stipend.

It has fully flexible curriculum, designed to suit the present need of the industry. Soft skills and industrial training are part of the curriculum. Few courses will be taught by industry experts.

Please refer to the Admissions/Eligibility page.

You can apply online through Admissions/Online Registration page.

Yes. You can apply with available documents for preliminary registration.

Hostel accommodation is available with 2/4 member room. Vegetarian mess is operated in hostel. We have hostels for boys and girls separately.

Yes, the hostel is attached to college.

Yes, the internet and Wi-Fi facilities are available.

Placement percentage is very good. The average salary will be about 3 lakhs per annum.

Yes, documents for Bank Loans will be issued after the confirmation of the admission.