Department of Chemical Engineering


Anand D. Kulkarni
Dr. Anand D. KulkarniProfessor

Department of Chemical Engineering College of Engineering

Experience 21 Years

  • Teaching : 21 Years
  • Industry : 7 Years
  • Research : 5 Years

Area of Interest

Photocatalysis, Hazardous waste management

  • Title of the project: Treatment of waste water by using microorganisms. [Full scale] Funding agency- MICROBAX India Ltd.

    Funding agency- MICROBAX India Ltd.

    Duration- 2012 - 2014


  • Title of the project: Zero discharge system for Vinati Organics , Lote [Full scale plant] Technology transfer using the novel technology for hazardous waste treatment

    Funding agency- Vinati Organics Ltd. Lote

    Duration- 2012 - 2014


Books / Book chapters Published

Training manuals on- Water Optimization in Upstream and downstream operations in oil and gas industries Safety in chemical handling

Professional Memberships


  • 6th International conference on Sustainable environment at University of Delaware, USA, December 2010.
  • International conference on sustainable systems and the environment, March 2011, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  • Training programme conducted for Quatar petrochem, Dubai , June 2014( Water optimization in Upstream and downstream operations in oil and gas industries.)
  • e-FMR, conducted by SPFU/NPIU at Sardar Patel college of Engg, Mumbai (June 2015).
  • Virtual learning Environment, at BVUCOE Pune (February 2016).
Publications International Journal (s): 13 National Journals (s) : 15
International Conference (s): 3 National Conference (s): -
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Extra Activities

TEQIP Finance coordinator