Name of the Patenter Patent Number Title of the patent Publication Date Year of Award of patent
Mr Amar V. Chavan 202221030955 The effect of Human Resource management practices on Total Quality Management Implementation 10-06-2022 2022
Mr Amar V. Chavan 202241036460 Analyze the many Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketing strategies that can be implemented on social media platforms. 22-07-2022 2022
Mr Amar V. Chavan 202241039452 Strategic Digital Human Resource Management Practices & Challenging in MNCs Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis 15-07-2022 2022
Mr Amar V Chavan 202241053270 The Mediating Role of Brand Awareness in Relationship between Social Media Marketing Strategies & purchase intention of Consumers using Structural Equation modelling Algorithm. 23-09-2022 2022