Vision, Mission & Objectives

Our Mission

To be a world-class Institute for ‘Social Transformation through Dynamic Education’

Our Vision

  • To provide inclusive borderless access to higher education and vocational education based on merit;
  • To offer varied professional, technical, vocational and general education programmes to meet the changing and diverse needs of society in a global context;
  • To provide quality higher education for liberation of mind and empowerment of hands;
  • To promote quality research in diverse areas of development and engage in application of knowledge for community development;
  • To develop national and international networks with industry, service sector and other academic and research institutions to meet the expectations of various stakeholders;
  • To promote extensive use of ICT for enrichment of teaching, learning and for effective governance;
  • To make quality an integral part of all University operations by promoting innovative practices.
Core Values


  • To inculcate a Value System among students related to non-violence, truth, and tolerance for religion, secularism, social justice, environmental awareness, scientific temper and like.
  • To generate employment opportunities for the youth by fostering Global Competencies among them.
  • To develop scientific attitude, technology orientation and practical skills among the students through the extensive Use of Technology.
  • To contribute to National Development by creating social and economic equality through upliftment of the weaker section of the society.
  • To promote Quest for Excellence by creating just challenges before the young talent.