Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Pramod Vilas Londhe
Dr. Pramod Vilas Londhe Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering College of Engineering

Experience 22


Teaching: 22

Manufacturing, Nano Technology

  • “Synthesis of Biofunctionalized Nanofibers (Curcumin, Gelatine & Formic Acid) Using -Electrospinning Process & Optimization of Parameters for diameter of Nanofibers” 4th International Conference NANOCON018- Nanotechnology: Applications, Advances and innovations
  • “Investigation of Electro spun Nanofibers: A Parametric Study for Diameter of Nanofiber” 2ndInternational Conference Nanotechnology – Innovative Materials, Processes, Product and Applications at Pune, Organised by BVUCOE, on 18th& 19th October 2012, NANOCON 2012

Publications in Refereed Journals

  • “Synthesis of Biofunctionalized Nanofibers (Curcumin, Gelatin & Formic Acid) Using Electrospinning Process and Optimization of Parameters for diameter of Nanofibers”International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE), ISSN: 2278-3075, Volume 8, July 2019, page No. 222-231
  • “Optimization of Parameters for diameter of Nanofibers and FTIR, XRD characterization for synthesized Biofunctionalized Nanofibers Using Electro spinning Process” International Journal on recent technologies in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering(IJRMEE), Volume – 6, No.4 April 2019