38 Mr.Yogesh Balaso Mandake

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Yogesh Balaso Mandake
Mr. Yogesh Balaso MandakeAssistant Professor

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering College of Engineering

Experience 7 Year 5 Months

  • Teaching : 5.5 Years
  • Industry : 2 Years

Area of Interest

Power system,Electrical Machines, Energy Audit, Power System Analysis, Switchgear and Protection, Electric Vehicles

  • Total seminars attended: 17 No's
  • Total FDP attended:6 No's
  • Total STTP attended:2 No’s
  • Total workshops attended:3 No’s
  • Participated as resource person for workshop:1 No.
  • Grant of Rs. 12,500/- from IEEMA for the project on “Underground Cable Fault Detection System” in Jan 2014
  • Selected as Marathi translator for one NPTEL course (May 2020)
  • Working as technical writer for ‘MARATHI VISHWAKOSH’.
  • Selected as Marathi translator for one NPTEL course (February 2021).
Publications International Journal (s): 9 National Journals (s) : 4
International Conference (s): 0 National Conference (s): 1
  • Yogesh B. Mandake, Mr. Prasanna D. Bharadwaj, “Ubderground cable fault locator system”, IEEMA Journal, 2014
  • Yogesh B. Mandake, Mr. Prasanna D. Bharadwaj, “Cable Fault Locator in Underground Distribution Network”, Electrical India, 2014
  • Yogesh B. Mandake, “Electrostatic Precipitator-Solution for environmental pollution: A Review” at NCATM-16
  • Yogesh B. Mandake,“Electrostatic precipitator: Solution for environmental pollution”, IEEMA Journal, 2017
  • Prof. Mr. Y.B. Mandake,Rohit Patil, Suvodeep Chakraborty , “ Study of breakdown phenomenon in solid insulators using sphere gap and insulation testing kits”,IRJET ,Apr-2017
  • Prof Y.B Mandake,Manan Gupta, Vismita Mitchelle, Alok Kumar, Nitin Singh Parihar , “ FACTS Based Static VAR Compensation using Thyristor Switched Capaciitor” ,IJRASET, May-2018
  • Prof Y.B Mandake,Madhur Srivastava,Ankit Kumar,Nripendra Vikram Singh, “Reactive Power Compensation By Thyristor Switched Reactor(TSR) In SVC FACTS”, IJSART,May 2018
  • Yogesh B. Mandake, “Three phase Induction Motor -Model Design and Performance Analysis in ANSYS RMXprt “IJSRED,2018.
  • Darshan Wagle,Kiran Naykode,Ishita Dave, “Performance analysis of 3 phase induction motor using ANSYS” JETIR,Apr 2019
  • SumenduSinha,SnehashishChandra,Praveen Kumar Singh,RituvikPandey,Prof.Y.B.Mandake. “Hybrid VAWT Solar Power Generation on Highway”, JETIR,Apr 2019
  • Mr.Yogesh B.Mandake,Dr.Deepak S.Bankar. “Selection of drive system for electric vehicle”,ITEE journal,December 2019.
  • Prof.Mr.Yogesh B.Mandake,Abhishek Pandey,Mohit Sareen,Pratyush Prasoon,Rishav Raj,Ayush Agrawal, “GSM Based Smart Energy Mater”,IRJET,June 2020.
  • Yogesh B Mandake and D S Bankar, “Electric Bike-Advantages and Challenges: A Review”, Power Research - A Journal of CPRI,Jan-June 2020.
  • Prof.Yogesh B.Mandake,Piyusha Hadke,Rishabh kumar tiwari,Sourabh Raj,Prince kumar singh, “Improve battery life of e-vehicle using super capacitor & regenerative braking system”, IRJET,July 2020.

Extra Activities

Poem writing, Marathi article Writer