Community health nursing is a nursing practice focusing on the healthcare of individuals, families and groups with a community.

Its main focus is to improve the quality of life and health of a population by preserving, protecting, promoting, or maintaining health.

The primary goal of community health nursing is to help a community protect and preserve the health of its members, while the secondary goal is to promote self-care among individuals and families.

It encourages to assess the living condition of the patient and his family and their health practices in order to provide the appropriate health teaching, give health teachings regarding the prevention and control of diseases and to establish close relationship between the health agencies and the public for the promotion of health.

Departmental activities

Community health services include a multitude of medical and social services for those who may not have access to affordable healthcare. The department provide services includes school and health education, environmental hygiene, control of communicable diseases, counselling and support diseases, rehabilitation programs, health promotion activities, health assessment & screening camps, health exhibitions, health day celebrations and in-service education and training to public health workers.