Nurses work in different areas of care and are involved in providing direct care to adult patients in various settings.

Day by day there is much advancement in the field of medical and surgical field. Medical surgical nursing is an important specialty. It offers many challenges which assists in the overall development of knowledge and skills.

It helps to foster leadership skills and organizational skills. It also helps to develop and up skill the basic and advanced nursing procedure skills for meeting comprehensive patient care needs.

The Department of Medical Surgical Nursing provides courses related to adult nursing as well as advanced nursing practice within the curricular framework laid down by Indian Nursing council (INC) and the University. Department of Medical Surgical Nursing aims to train the students to develop competencies in providing holistic care to individual patients and develop skill to function as a medical surgical nurse and demonstrate excellence in the nursing practice, education, administration and research.

Departmental activities

Planning and implementation of adult patient care in the set standards of care in clinical settings. Supervision of the students in the clinical areas. Co-ordinates among members to attend professional activities. Organize seminar, CNE, faculty clinical presentation, workshop, conference. Standardization of care through well planned nursing care plans. Implement research to enhance quality in care of patients. Encouraging intra- and interdisciplinary research.