Adequate arrangements are made for the students to take part in various activities and events with the sole aim to develop their personality holistically. Therefore cultural, sports, academic events are organised on a regular basis.

Sports Activities

Every year various sports events are organised. It is here that the students get an opportunity to exhibit their talent in the game in which they have excelled. Various indoor and outdoor sports are organized and the students enthusiastically take part in it.

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Cultural Activities

All possible steps are taken to by the institute to preserve their culture and tradition. Hence, periodically various cultural events are organised in which the faculty members and the students actively take part. Such cultural activities and events provide a platform to the students to showcase their talent.

Health Day Activities

The College organises various Health activity events throughout the year on different themes so that awareness, acceptance of good health, mind and body is communicated throughout people and guide them to achieve more good.

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Health Day 2018-2019

Sr. No. Health Days Dates Teacher
1. World Blood Donor Day 14 June, 2018 Mr. Deepak B.
2. International Yoga Day 21 June, 2018 Mr. Digvijay P.
3. International Day Against Drug Abuse Illicit Trafficking 26th June, 2018 Mr. Vaibhav P.
4. National Road Victim Day 1 Mrs. Supriya M.
5. World Senior Citizen Day 8th Aug, 2018 Mrs. Shital T.
6. Polio Awareness Day 11th Aug, 2018 Mrs. Sudarshana P.
7. World Oral Health Day 12th Sep, 2018 Mr. Digvijay P.
8. World First Aid Day 12th Sep, 2018 Mr. Dhanraj B.
9. World Contraception Day 26th Sep, 2018 Mrs. Rajashree S.
10. World Environmental Health Day 26th Sep, 2018 Mrs. Natasha M.
11. Breast Cancer Awareness Day 1st Oct, 2018 Mrs. Sisira S.
12. World Sight Day 12th Oct, 2018 Mr. Vaibhav P.
13. International Day for Disaster Reduction 13th Oct, 2018 Mr. Parshuram D.
14. World Toilet Day 19th Nov, 2018 Mrs. Smita D.
15. World COPD Day (15th Nov) 19th Nov, 2018 Mrs. Gargi K.
16. National Epilepsy Day (17th Nov) 19th Nov, 2018 Mr. Vishal G.
17. International Day for the Elimination of  Violence against Women (25th Nov) 26th Nov, 2018 Mrs. Priyanka M.
18. International Day for Person with Disabilities 3rd Dec, 2018 Mrs. Pratibha J.
19. National Girl Child Day (9th Dec) 10th Dec, 2018 Mr. Vishal P.
20. World No Tobacco Day 1st Jan, 2019 Ms. Nilam B.
21. World Water Day 22nd March, 2019 Mrs. Lekhamol V.
22. World TB Day (24th March) 25th March, 2019 Ms. Anisha N.
23. World Autism Awareness Day (2nd April) 29th March, 2019 Mrs. Arunima S.